"In reality all men are sculptors, constantly chipping away the unwanted parts of their life, in an attempt to create a masterpiece."

                     - Eddie Murphy


Patent Applications Spanning Robotics, AI, ML, Materials Science, Space, and more


Amazing Opportunity To Make A Positive Difference

About Alex

I'm a father, husband, sailor, helicopter pilot (in training), philanthropist, author, and entrepreneur / CEO.


I've been very fortunate to have great friends, an amazing family, a career that I have never thought of as work but instead more of a mission, endless curiosity, and an opportunity to make a positive impact.


How could life be any better? Beats me but I am very lucky.

Passion Projects

While Ripcord is more than a full-time job, I always enjoy working with young companies and non-profit organizations that are making a positive impact on the communities they serve and the World that we share.

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We're on a mission to make the world paperless. We aim to accomplish this by digitizing all the knowledge of humanity that is currently exiled in paper by using our vision-guided robotics and AI powered softwareWe're always looking for like-minded creatives, brilliant engineers, future robot overlords, and just about anyone with the desire to improve the World and the skills to make it happen.

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